about us

helping dog and cat owners find pet supplies that are comfortable, without compromising on style

Large dog lying on a Tamed + Wild bed.

Tamed + Wild is a Vancouver-based online pet supply company, established in 2020. We are a proudly Canadian business, offering a range of boutique, eco-conscious products that are designed to be super comfy for your pet, yet beautiful and functional in your home.

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our mission

When our pets are happy, we are happy. At Tamed + Wild, we design and create products that are comfortable for animals, from terriers to labradoodles, and ragdolls to maine coons. However, all of our products are also made with your home and the environment in mind.

Tamed + Wild is also committed to supporting the animal rescue community within Canada. Our team is proud to donate a portion of every sale to rescue organizations across the country.

eco-conscious pet supplies

Tamed + Wild is driven to help make the world an eco-friendlier place. We want to help reduce waste in landfills, not add to it.

This is why we design all of our Tamed + Wild covers with upcycling in mind. With our completely removable dog bed covers, you can reuse household items like your old pillows to fill any one of our designs.

Our packaging materials are also made from eco-friendly products. You'll receive your orders in compostable poly mailers, wrapped in recycled or upcycled newsprint and accompanied by promotional material made from recycled paper.