reduce, reuse and recycle

Eco Conscious Practices

We are driven to help make the world an eco-friendlier place! And now more than ever our Earth needs our help. At Tamed + Wild our biggest focus is to help reduce waste in landfills. Did you know, it is recommended you replace your pillows every six months? For hygienic reasons, pillows cannot be donated and can rarely be reused so most pillows that have reached their "lifespan" end up in our landfills. Therefore, we designed our Tamed and Wild covers with upcycling in mind. The ability to use old pillows to fill your Tamed + Wild dog bed is a great alternative to throwing them out.

The Tamed + Wild odour absorbers are made from 100% premium natural moso bamboo charcoal with a linen fabric (a fabric derived from the flax plant). After the odor absorber bag has been used for one year, the natural bamboo charcoal is a great fertilizer alternative for your garden plants. Just sprinkle the bamboo charcoal into the soil and the porous particles will help the soil absorb moisture and nutrients. 

Another step we took to be eco-conscious was to source packaging products that are upcycled, recyclable or biodegradable. Our poly mailers are compostable and all promotional product included with your order is made from recycled paper. Our cardboard boxes are made with a sustainable stamp of approval and we use recycled and upcycled newsprint to package our products. We encourage customers to recycle (or upcycle) all packaging materials that arrive with your order.

How to Recycle or Reuse Packaging 

Compostable Poly Mailers:
  • Remove the shipping label (place in paper recycling) and dispose based on packages instructions.
  • The Thank You card included with your order is made from recycled paper. Please recycle them with your paper materials so they can be remade into something new!
Packing Paper:
  • The packing paper included in your order is either upcycled paper or recycled, unprinted newsprint. Please recycle with your paper materials so they can be remade into something new!
  • Alternatively, hold onto it in case you need to use it again for wrapping a gift, protecting fragile decorations for a move and any other creative idea's you may have!
Cardboard Box:
  • You never know when you need an extra box! Hold onto your cardboard box to reuse it for storing holiday décor, seasonal clothes and much more!
  • You can also break it down and hold onto it should you need it at a later date for a move.
  • Have a cat at home? If so, you know how curious they are of boxes! Boxes make great cat beds and there are many different creative ways you can come up with something fun for them to enjoy.
  • If you cannot keep the box, please recycle.
  • While we try to use as little plastic as possible, it is necessary to keep your products protected during shipping. Luckily, plastic can be recycled across Canada at your local recycling depots.