Cozy in with our selection of oh so comfy beds

  • Black and tanned rescue puppy waiting to be adopted into their new family. Tamed + Wild donates a portion of every sale to rescue animal organizations across Canada.

    supporting rescue organizations

    As a local pet supply shop, the Tamed + Wild team is proud to donate a portion of each sale to Canadian rescue organizations across the country.

  • Reuse, reduce, and recycle is a key value of Tamed + Wild, a Vancouver dog bed company.

    practicing eco-conscious design

    All of Tamed + Wild's pet products are designed to keep waste out of landfills by using responsibly sourced materials and recyclable packaging.

  • A large dog sitting at a wooden table like a human doing business. There is a sign in the background that says,

    partnering with our community

    Being a small company ourselves, we're committed to sourcing our supplies from other small businesses to keep our supply chain as local as we can.

pet supplies that are made for your pup – but designed for you

When you own a dog, cat, hamster - or what-have-you - you want nothing but the best for your beloved furball. As animal owners ourselves, we totally get that. That's why all Tamed + Wild pet supplies are created from quality materials and designed with both you and your animal in mind.

Regardless of whether you own a golden retriever puppy or a tabby cat, all of our products are created to be super comfy for your pet, as well as beautiful and functional in your home.

Tamed + Wild is an online pet supply business, proudly based out of Vancouver, BC.

  • Koda, a large dog, sleeping soundly on her beloved Tamed + Wild dog bed.

    LOVES Her Bed

    "Koda LOVES her Tamed + Wild bed. She fits the medium bed perfectly but prefers the large so she can sprawl or curl up in the middle and sink in, making it cuddle around her. I wish my own bed looked as cozy!"

    - @its_k.o.d.a

  • Cali, a large dog, relaxing on her Tamed + Wild dog bed.

    So Darn Comfy

    "The beds are so darn comfy...Cali's dog dad fell asleep on one of her beds and he said it was more comfy than our actual bed! Cali naps on her bed everyday and it has been such a useful product in our life!"

    - @calithecrusher

  • French bulldog, Chloe, enjoying a rest on her Tamed + Wild dog bed.

    Uses It Daily

    "Chloe loves her bed and uses it daily - especially the plush side! We get lots of comments and questions regarding her bed from other dog owners. I love the way it looks in our home and the easy ability to wash it when needed."

    - @chlobear.thefrenchie

Tamed + Wild has started with a boutique inventory of pet supplies that we are incredibly proud of.