Our Products

  • Please refer to our SIZE CHART. If you are still unsure of what size to purchase, we always recommend going with the larger size. That way there might even be some extra room for you to snuggle in too!
  • While we do recommend purchasing the bed insert for a full look of your dog bed, it is not necessary as our covers can be stuffed with pillows (see below).
  • Our dog beds were designed with upcycling your old pillows in mind. Did you know it is recommended to replace your own pillow every six months? And what happens with these old pillows? They end up in the landfill. So why not hold onto them and use as replacement inserts in your Tamed + Wild cover. This also is a great way to help calm a dog with separation anxiety since your pillow will have your familiar scent.
  • Tamed and Wild was created so you have the ability to purchase interchangeable covers without storing multiple bulky dog beds. You can purchase multiple same-size covers to fit over one insert.
  • Selling the insert separately also allows you the option to use pillows instead of an insert.
  • Each dog bed insert and set (absorbers not included with covers) comes with a natural bamboo charcoal odour absorber. While the odour absorber will not completely eliminate the smells of our doggies (especially the smell of wet dog!), it will help keep your Tamed + Wild bed smelling fresher for longer.
  • If your dog tends to chew at their bed (especially those mischievous puppies!) please do NOT insert the odor absorber. You can re-use it in other areas of your home such as closets and your car.
  • The odour absorber is made from 100% premium natural moso bamboo charcoal. 
  • The exterior bag is made of linen, a fabric derived from the flax plant.
  • It is fragrance, chemical free, non-toxic and safe for pets. 
  • Its purifying effects will have you and your pets breathing healthier and easier.
  • We recommend not including it in beds for dogs that tend to destroy their beds because it could create a large mess that you most likely will not want to clean up! 
  • Please place the odour absorber on the bottom side of the bed (between the cover and the insert) in the corner of your choice.
  • Oh no, sounds like your dog got up to some mischief! While our beds and products are durable, they are not indestructible and excessive biting and chewing will lead to damage. We do not offer any returns/replacements on products that are damaged due to your pup’s mishaps. Feel free to reach out to hello@tamedandwild.com with the subject “Pup Mishap” to discuss options or suggestions we might have.

Disposing of Packaging

  • Tamed + Wild is an eco-conscious company. We do our best to use as little plastic as possible. Our cardboard can be recycled and reused, our poly mailers are compostable, our extra packing material is made from recycled newsprint and any included promotional material with your order is made from recycled paper. Please consider the environment and recycle all plastic, cardboard and paper from your order.
  • You never know when you need an extra box! You can reuse the box for storing holiday décor, seasonal clothes and much more! You can also break it down and hold onto it should you need it at a later date for a move.
  • Have a cat at home? If so, you know how curious they are of boxes! Boxes make great cat beds and there are many different creative ways you can come up with something fun for them to enjoy.