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  • Dog Bed Insert - Tamed and Wild
  • Dog Bed Insert - Tamed and Wild
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Dog & Pet Bed Insert

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Our Tamed + Wild dog bed inserts fit perfectly into any of our pet bed covers. Inserts are generously stuffed with a high-quality filling to create a full, crisp look and keep your dog comfortable. It's the perfect solution for pups or kitties who are looking to take a quick snooze or relax the afternoon away.

This is a pet bed insert only. Pet bed sets and pet bed covers are sold separately. Inserts only ship within Canada.

Our inserts are now available on Amazon for fast and easy shipping!


  • Dimensions: 20"x26" 
  • Suggested Dog Weight: 10-20lbs
  • Pairs with: Our small bed cover
  • Suggested breeds: Chihuahua, Mini Dachshund, Yorkie, Mini Pinscher, Cat, small puppies
  • Dimensions: 25"x35"
  • Suggested Dog Weight: 30-45lbs
  • Pairs with: Our medium bed cover
  • Suggested breeds: Bulldog, Basenji, Schnauzer, Corgi, Mini Shepherds, smaller Whippet, Heeler, Beagle, smaller Spaniel
  • Dimensions: 35"x45"
  • Suggested Dog Weight: 65-95lbs
  • Pairs with: Our large bed cover
  • Suggested breeds: Hounds, Retrievers, Labradors, Sheepdog, larger Spaniels, smaller Huskies, Malinois, Setters, smaller German Shepherds
If you still are unsure of what size to purchase, we always recommend going with the larger size (or see our size chart). That way there might even be some extra room for you to snuggle in too!


  • Insert: Non-woven fabric and & PP cotton filling

Care Instructions

  • Insert: SPOT CLEAN ONLY. Do not place in washing machine.

Additional Details

Forgo the insert and stuff your Tamed + Wild bed cover with old pillows. Given it is recommended to replace our pillows every six months, this is a great upcycling and eco-friendly option to prevent old pillows from ending up in our landfills. It’s also an excellent option for those dogs with separation anxiety to have the calming scent of their paw parent with them at all times. Anti-anxiety dog bed while reducing waste in the landfill all in one! Refer to our size chart to see what pillow(s) will fit inside your cover. Please note, using pillows may result in the bed looking less full than using a Tamed + Wild insert.

Inserts only ship within Canada.