sizing charts

All sizes below are recommended and approximate. You know your pet best! You may find sizing up or down will be best suited for them given their body shape, weight and type!

dog bed size guide

dimensions 20" X 25" 25" X 35" 35" X 45"
dog weight 10 - 20 lbs 30 - 45 lbs  60 - 90 lbs
insert size small medium large
pillow alternative one queen two standards three kings
suggested breeds chihuahua, yorkie, cat, small puppies beagle, corgi, pug, bulldog, bulldog retrievers, labs, huskies, shepherd

If you still are unsure of what size to purchase, we always recommend going with the larger size. That way there might even be some extra room for you to snuggle in too!

dog bandana size guide

tie end to tie end 
18" 22" 26" 30"
top edge to point
6" 8" 10" 12"
neck size 12" 15" 18" 23"
suggested breeds pug, maltese, yorkie,  bulldog, corgi, beagle, pitties labs, huskies, boxer  newfies, berneses

Please account for those extra fluffy pups when picking your size! Adding snaps will allow flexibility to increase size. Still unsure? We always recommend sizing up.

dog collar size guide

neck size 11" - 13" 13" - 16" 16" - 22" 22" - 26"

Please account for those extra fluffy pups when picking your size! Still unsure? We always recommend sizing up.

overall size guide by breed

This is a very small selection of breeds to try and help you narrow down the best size for your pup. The sizes below are approximate and can vary from dog to dog. For all the rescue dogs out there, hope you can find a size that is best for you given your mystery mixes!

Australian Cattle Dog 30-35lbs M/L M/L M/L
Aussie Shepherd 35-70lbs M/L L M/L
Aussie Shepherd, Mini 20-35lbs S/M S/M S
Basenji 20-26lbs M M M
Beagle 18-30lbs M M M
Bichon Frise 10-15lbs S/M S S
Blue Heeler 30-35lbs M/L M/L M/L
Border Collie 50-65lbs L L L
Boston Terrier 10-25lbs S/M S S
Boxer 60-75lbs L L L
Brittany Spaniel 40-60lbs L M/L M/L
Cat 8-20lbs S/M S S
Chihuahua 5-10lbs S S S
Chow Chow 45-65lbs L L/XL L/XL
Cocker Spaniel 25-40lbs M M M
Corgi 25-35lbs M M M
Dachshund, Mini 10-15lbs S S S
Dalmatian 60-75lbs L L L
Doodle, Mini 30-45lbs M/L M M
Doodle, Standard 60-75lbs L L L
French Bulldog 15-25lbs S/M S/M S
German Shepherd 65-90lbs L L/XL L/XL
Golden Retriever 65-80lbs L L L/XL
Jack Russell Terrier 10-20lbs S/M S S
King Charles Cavalier 15-25lbs S/M S S
Labrador 60-85lbs L L L/XL
Maltese 7-12lbs S S S
Pekingese 10-15lbs S S S
Pinscher, Mini 10-15lbs S S S
Pit Bull 35-60lbs M/L M/L M/L
Pomeranian 10-15lbs S S S
Pug 15-20lbs S/M S S
Puggle 20-30lbs M M M
Shiba Inu 20-35lbs M M M
Shih Tzu 15-20lbs S S S
Springer Spaniel 50-65lbs L M/L M/L
Vizsla 50-65lbs L M/L M/L
Whippet 30-45lbs M/L M M
Yorkie 8-12lbs S S S