bed insert sizing - product pages

  • Dimensions: 20"x26" 
  • Suggested Dog Weight: 10-20lbs
  • Pairs with: Our small bed cover
  • Suggested breeds: Chihuahua, Mini Dachshund, Yorkie, Mini Pinscher, Cat, small puppies
  • Dimensions: 25"x35"
  • Suggested Dog Weight: 30-45lbs
  • Pairs with: Our medium bed cover
  • Suggested breeds: Bulldog, Basenji, Schnauzer, Corgi, Mini Shepherds, smaller Whippet, Heeler, Beagle, smaller Spaniel
  • Dimensions: 35"x45"
  • Suggested Dog Weight: 65-95lbs
  • Pairs with: Our large bed cover
  • Suggested breeds: Hounds, Retrievers, Labradors, Sheepdog, larger Spaniels, smaller Huskies, Malinois, Setters, smaller German Shepherds
If you still are unsure of what size to purchase, we always recommend going with the larger size (or see our size chart). That way there might even be some extra room for you to snuggle in too!